About me

A little security researcher/contributor for open source. My research mostly foused on container and GNU/Linux.

You can find my different research on this site.

I'm sorry. I am not a native English speacker, if have any mistakes, tell me, please!


  • A Short Story: Bypass SMEP on Linux

  • Summary: I gave a presentation with devlop GNU/Linux exploit SMEP bypass.

    March 2017 - PEDIY WorkShop, Beijing, China [event]

  • Code Audit: A Way to Find Vulns of Android Kernel

  • Summary: Bestshow and I gave a presentation on code audit against android kernel. I talk about used different modes of thinking to review code. Finally, I has a vuln(found by this way) to exploit it.

    November 2015 - Cyber Security Summit, Beijing, China [event]

Vulnerabilities publicly disclosed