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If you like breaking protection schemes, anti-exploitation, vulnerability-exploitation, fuzzing, binary analysis, security feature develop or anything, get in touch with us if you are willing to get involved somehow! As a writer, a correcter, ideas-giver, ..anything!

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About Projects


Kernel-HD is a community version fork of Protecting the core that defensive code reuse and heap spraying attacks with high stability and low-performance impact on Cloud-Native Infrastructure, Servers, Embedded Systems, Industrial Control Systems, Mobile systems and more.

Linux Kernel Security Book

When I was training one newcomer after another in my work, I realized that I repeated similar knowledge repeatedly. So I decided to write this book to share my modest knowledge about Linux kernel security and help people interested in Linux kernel security.

A book-in-progress about Linux Kernel Security includes attacker view with linux kernel internal, vulnerability hunt, exploitation, mitigation, and more.

Kernel Exploitation

For HardenedOS members only.


A very new project, no more detail.


About HardenedOS


A free software community that focuses on operating system security, forming best practices in terms of attacks, defenses, etc.


Fuzzing, Exploitation, Code Audit, Mitigation bypass, etc


Mitigation design, Exploit detection, Kill bug classes, etc

What is the mean ‘Operating System’?

The term ‘operating system’ is used here in a general sense, either in the traditional sense or in defining an operating system. As the HardenedOS community philosophy says, ‘Everything is Operating System.’


Currently, we only need the sponsorship of server resources for more regression testing, performance testing.

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